Cameron Robbins

Cameron Robbins

Business Operations Manager

The first official CRUBIQ employee, Cam is the superglue that holds the company together. With her cheerleader attitude, she makes everyone who comes into CRUBIQ feel right at home. She expertly communicates Anne's vision for the company and keeps us organized—all the while, keeping her style on point.

Cam has a history of diving a four-year-old, she dove fearlessly into the deep end of the pool and terrified her family, but popped up laughing out loud. A Raleigh native, she studied at Ole Miss and graduated eager for a challenge. Returning to Raleigh and meeting Anne, she found exactly what she was looking for in CRUBIQ. She quickly showed that she is a natural client representative. She has a keen eye for observation and delivers a value prop with ruthless efficiency while staying as cool as a cucumber under pressure—which is vital in dealing with CEOs!

Compassionate, loyal, and outgoing, Cam aims to learn something new every day, and to adapt and grow as Crubiq grows. If she could be anywhere but the CRUBIQ office, she’d be working out at Flywheel or lying on a beach in Turks and Caicos.

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