Rebekah McGee

Rebekah McGee

Opportunity Generation Specialist

After graduating with a BS in Product Development and Fashion Management from N.C. State University's College of Textiles, Bekah worked in fashion, developing skills in client services, sales and business marketing. A proven fashionista, she showed a real flair for sales and found Crubiq to be a perfect fit (pun intended).

Bekah can tailor a pitch based on a particular person’s needs or wants, and has the ability to make you forget she’s actually trying to sell something. She’s genuine and relentless, whether she’s focused on customer service or running through mud ponds at an obstacle course competition. She brings an energy that's been described as its own force to Crubiq. You might think you’re awake and in a good mood, but you’ve probably got nothing on Bekah. A good listener and as loyal as a Labrador, she's eager to grow with our company.

Bekah navigates through life in a way that makes others want to sing and dance along with her. Outside CRUBIQ, she's busy working on her new house, running, cooking, or taking a rare break by binging on Netflix.

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