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More than lead generation, something bigger and better

Ask us at a cocktail party what our company does, and here's what we'll say... You create an ingenious technology product, but you need help selling it to the right person at the right company. That's where we come in. We do the research on where your product is a perfect fit, we identify the ideal C-level exec, and arrange the meeting for you. You waltz in, make your pitch and watch your enterprise sales grow.


Think of us as your personal concierge for creating seamless interactions between your business and the big league. We are the catalyst for transformational growth of your business. We apply science and art to crack the code for converting highly complex sales.

Mission & Values


Our mission is to transform the practice of sales


No offense to cats, but we really dig curiosity. We strive to remain in a constant state of awareness and continuously question how we can do things differently and even better.
We remain committed to changing the game. We maintain a unique lens for viewing and optimistically embracing challenges in a way that enables growth for our clients and our company.
We consider CRUBIQ to be a hunicorn. And yes, we made up the term... that's just how unique our company is. CRUBIQ is a magical beast who is able to create magical opportunity.
At CRUBIQ, we celebrate a spirit of generosity, with gratitude in all endeavors.
We want light bulbs switching on over our heads as often as possible. We strive to facilitate those “aha!” moments—those wondrous epiphanies.
Nerd alert! We thrive on measuring results and pride ourselves on offering services that are quantifiable. We don't just say we get results; we give our clients hard data backing up our results.

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crubiq team

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